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Greatlengths Clip-In Extensions 18 inch

Greatlengths USA

Downtown Brown Color#: 2 Description: Darkest Brown
Not Your Basic Brown Color#: 3 Description: Dark Neutral Brown
Uptown Brown Color#: 8 Description: Medium Brown Reflecting Caramel Blonde ×
Drop Dead Dark Red Color#: 73 Description: Auburn Reflecting Copper ×
Almost a Ginger Color#: 30 Description: Cinnamon Brown ×
Undercover Red Color#: 3315 Description: Medium Copper Reflecting Strawberry Blonde ×
She Thinks She’s BlondeColor#: 9 Description: Dark Blonde Reflecting Medium and Pale Blonde ×
Blonde Leading the Blonde Color#: 84 Description: Medium Golden Blonde Reflecting Light Blonde ×
Clearly Blonde Color#: 27 Description: Palest Blonde ×
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Greatlengths Clip-In Extensions are 100% Remy human hair extensions. Top quality hair that will last longer than most extensions. 

3-inch weft – Versatile size

Thin weft – Using Fineline for ultimate wear

3 silicone-backed clips – For optimum stability

Pressed clip technology – For greatest durability

Natural results start with natural hair. Our 100% Remy human hair provides exceptional styleability and longevity. Available in nine colors that were developed to blend with the widest range of tones within their color category.

These 3-inch wide weft offers the most versatility for the widest array of uses and results. Use one to wrap and thicken a pony or 10 to create dramatic length. Apply vertically when creating updos or alternate color placement for color effects. The 3-inch weft width makes this more than a clip-in extension. It’s a tool that allows you for better finishing results.


  • 100% ethically sourced, traceable virgin human hair from the sacred Temples of India
  • The most long-lasting, discreet and gentle attachment methods
  • Highly trained stylists who have successfully completed the professional industry’s most comprehensive and awarded education curriculum for customized hair extension application

** When ordering keep in mind there is only one 3 clip weft in each packaging. Suggested amount for a full head is 10-12 packs, suggested amount for less volume is 6-8 packs.

Take into consideration if hair is already long, and needs only texture and volume you will not need as much as short styles. 

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