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Hotheads Removal & Reapplication Tablet


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Hotheads Removal & Reapplication Tablet

Use this uniquely designed Removal & Reapplication Tablet for optimal organization. It features 5 rows to make removal and reapplication faster, and the acrylic material allows extensions to adhere easily.

Start by removing the top row of extensions, sides first.
Place the top extension on Row 5 Top.
Then remove bottom extension and place on Row 5 Bottom.
Use solvent to remove excess adhesive.
After completing removal of top row, continue up the Tablet row by row until you have reached Row 1.
Allow 10 to 15 minutes for Remove Solvent to dry.
Remove extension from Row 1 bottom and apply a new tape tab to the extension.
Apply the re-taped extension to the client’s hair, starting at the lowest row in the back of the head.
After completing reapplication of Row 1, continue down the Tablet row by row until you have reached Row 5 Top – and you’re done with the Removal & Reapplication process!

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