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Does your website attract beauty or makeup lovers? Are you an influencer with a fan base? If so, join the Beautifox Affiliate Program!
 We are looking for people who love trying out new Beauty products, and sharing it with others!
There are 2 options for our affiliate program.
•Affiliate 1 - You will receive QR code, and your own personal Discount code(allows customers who use it to get 5% off their orders). You get 15% commission. In order to be in this group you have to send us monthly content(photos using makeup, hair products etc).
 •Affiliate 2 - You will receive QR code, and link. You will get 10% commissions on all orders. No need to send us content.
 To keep track of all orders, landing pages(traffic source), and visitors you will login into your panel on Affiliatly! 
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What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is anyone with a website – blogs, high-traffic sites and web pages. You can add a Beautifox link on your website and earn a referral fee when a visitor clicks through that link and purchases from Beautifox
What are referral fees?
A referral fee is a commission paid to your account after a visitor uses your site or link sharing skills and then clicks on a Beautifox link and makes a purchase.
Where can I get help?
If you have questions about setting up your account, you can contact the Beautifox  Affiliate Team with your questions at 

We work with collaborators in all areas of wellness to help educate our customers and followers - from beauty and mommy bloggers, to nutritionists and fitness trainers, to naturopaths and dermatologists. We cover beauty and skin care, food and nutrition, exercise and fitness, vitamins and supplements, and so much more – and our collaborators help us do it!
Examples of collaborations include:
* Blog mention
* Mention us in a video and have direct links.
* Post on social channels
Why collaborate with us?
* Help and inspire women like us everyday.
* Expand your brand and business with exposure to our customers and followers.
* Chart your own path within our network of collaborators – we’re always coming up with new ideas and we love to hear yours as well!
* Join a fast-growing wellness community of like-minded experts.
* Get exclusive perks from Beautifox!