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ISO Option 2 Perm


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 Exclusively formulated for tinted or color-treated hair. Option 2 brings gentle, yet effective wave action to hair. Thio-free and formulated with naturally derived isoamine to nourish and leave hair cuticle supple and smoothe. Optimum curl results, healthy hair and color.

Designed for: For every type of color-treated hair Previously Permed hair

For every type of color-treated hair Previously Permed hair

How To:

  1. Always apply ISO Equalizing pre wrap, and don't rinse out.
  2. Wrap hair in pre-determined curl/wave formation.
  3. Blot thoroughly with paper towel before applying the waving lotion.
  4. After applying the waving lotion, process until appropriate curl pattern is reached.
  5. Rinse thoroughly for a minimum of 5 minutes with warm water.
  6. Towel blot thoroughly before neutralizing.
  7. Neutralize for a full 5 minutes.
  8. Rinse on the rod for a minimum of 3-5 minutes.
  9. Drop out rods and rinse for an additional 2 minutes with warm water.
  10. Prescribe a customized ISO hair care regimen to keep your client's new texture healthy, shiny, and radiant. 

- Variable timing maximum, 20 minutes
- Added pre wrap
- No heat required


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