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Beechwood Body Brush

Brand: Acca Kappa

$69.00 USD
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This Beechwood Body Brush with natural bristles gently cleans and exfoliates skin. Our Beechwood brushes are hand-finished and never varnished.

  • Ideal for dry skin brushing.
  • Gentle skin massage may help reduce stress.
  • Helps remove dead skin cells for naturally glowing skin.
  • Stimulates skin circulation which may help improve the appearence of cellulite.
  • Eco-friendly.

    How To:

    Gently but firmly brush your dry skin in long strokes toward your heart making sure to go over each area two to three times. Brush your mid-section (belly) area in clockwise circular motion. Repeat this process no more than two times per week, ideally before showering.

    For best results, follow with a rich moisturizer like White Moss Karite Body Butter.

    Use the Acca Kappa cleaning brush to clean your dry body brush once a week. Wash only when necessary.

    Product Care:

    DO NOT soak wooden handle in water.

    It can be used as a shower brush with a reduced useable life. To exttend the life of your brush, always allow it to fully dry before next use by placing it on a dry towel with the bristles down. Keep away from moisture sources when not in use.


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