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Rose Quartz Eye Mask


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Wake up your whole face. This Rose Quartz Eye Mask is a seamless way to depute and combat fatigue. Place the mask in the refrigerator before use to supercharge the rose quartz stones and maximize depuffing results. 
Reduced puffiness* Reduced dark circles* Soothed eye strain* Reduced sinus pressure*
"The Rose Quartz Eye Mask can be used daily for at-home pampering + screen-time recovery. 1. Keep it clean. Before or after using, make sure to wash your Rose Quartz Eye Mask with soapy water + lay down flat to air dry. 2. Make it a ritual. Feel free to apply eye cream, serum, face oil, or a facial sheet mask before using. The mask helps to absorb product. 3. Get comfortable. Lie down in a comfortable position + place Rose Quartz Eye Mask on eyes. 4. Pamper yourself. Leave Rose Quartz Mask on face for up to 20 minutes. Breathe. Relax. Unwind. And manifest the crystal’s energetic properties of love."

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