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Greatlenghs Anti-Tap-Water

Greatlengths USA

33 oz.
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Greatlenghs Anti-Tap-Water

Specially formulated to promote hair flexibility and moisture while ridding hair of harsh chemicals found in most tap water.


  • ANTITAP WATER has a pH-value of 3,2 to contract your cuticles, which makes it the ultimate product to use after conditioning, treatments or masks, hair extension application or removal. PANTHENOL injects moisture and promotes flexibility.
  • BIOTIN revitalises and balances the scalp and hair. GSP-T antioxidant complex fights free radicals and prevents premature hair aging due to environmental stresses. GSP-T is a patented active ingredient that contains high concentrations of potent antioxidants extracted from Swiss “Pinot Noir” grape seeds for lasting cell protection.
  • 50 times stronger than Vitamin E and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C, GSP-T protects your hair against daily environmental stress, prevents dehydration, locks in hair colour and prevents fading, and restores softness and natural radiance.
  • Anti-Tap is a concentrate and will require dilution, 1 part Anti-Tap to 8 parts water. *Buy the anti tap bottle for exact measurements.
  • After shampooing, and conditioning, section hair and spray the bonds, section by section. Leave-in, continue your normal routine.
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