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Acca Kappa Hair Extension Oval Brush

Acca Kappa

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Acca Kappa Hair Extension Oval Brush

Hair Extension Oval Brush made with high quality plastic and Pure Boar & Nylon Bristles, is specifically designed for brushing Hair Extensions. The Twin Monofilament in soft Nylon detangles the hair without damaging the joint between natural hair and the extensions.


  • The best brush for hair extensions.
  • Even pressure distribution during brushing.
  • Gentle scalp massage stimulates micro-circulation.
  • Boar bristles polish hair shaft for natural hair shine.
  • Natural Bristles evenly distribute nutrients throughout hair.
  • Extra-long nylon bristles easily detangle without damaging joint between natural hair and extensions.
  • For best results, brush hair twice daily for three to five minutes in the early morning and before bedtime. Not recommended on wet hair. Not recomended for use with a blow dryer.


    Use the Acca Kappa cleaning brush to clean your dry hairbrush once a week. Wash only when necessary.

    DO NOT soak brush in water, leave rubber pad under strong light or apply aggressive chemical products and oils directly on the brush.

    Size : 9.6"

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