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Texture EFX Normal Resistant Perm

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A thio-free cysteamine system, resulting in fun, fresh, sexy texture and touchable curls. Yields soft curls on normal and resistant hair. No test curl. No dryer heat required.

Texture EFX Normal Resistant Perm
Different from all other perms on the market, Texture EFX is a patented thio-free, damage-free, cysteamine perm with a unique odor neutralizing system.
  • Compare to ISO Perms
  • Beautiful texture and soft curls
  • Two formulas: one for normal and resistant hair (processes in 20-25 minutes) and one for all types of color-treated or previously permed hair (processes in as little as 2 to 3 minutes)
  • No dryer processing needed
  • Leaves hair in better condition than before the perm
  • After-perm, leave-in Fortifying Splash, with Keratide helps to strengthen hair and neutralize odors (Patent-pending)
  • Gluten Free

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