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Texture EFX Color Treated Perm

Zoto Professional

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A thio-free cysteamine system, resulting in fun, fresh, sexy texture and touchable curls. Yields soft curls on color-treated or previously permed hair. Test curl required. No dryer heat required.

Texture EFX Color Treated Perm
Different from all other perms on the market, Texture EFX is a patented thio-free, damage-free, cysteamine perm with a unique odor neutralizing system.
  • Compare to ISO Perms
  • Beautiful texture and soft curls
  • Two formulas: one for normal and resistant hair (processes in 20-25 minutes) and one for all types of color-treated or previously permed hair (processes in as little as 2 to 3 minutes)
  • No dryer processing needed
  • Leaves hair in better condition than before the perm
  • After-perm, leave-in Fortifying Splash, with Keratide helps to strengthen hair and neutralize odors (Patent-pending)
  • Gluten Free

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