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Revive Light Therapy LED Neck Pillow For Pain Relief

Brand: Revive Light Therapy

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The Only Light Therapy Neck Pillow

Our travel-ready dpl® Neck Pillow light therapy system uses infrared and red light to provide quick relief of neck pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. This comfy, soft, high-density foam neck pillow delivers comfortable relief to the area where you need it most. But, unlike a heating pad, infrared light therapy works below the skin’s surface reaching deep into tissues, stimulating cells, and increasing circulation to target pain at the source.

The Best Travel Pillow Available

LED Technologies’ dpl® Neck Pillow will keep you comfortable on the road by supporting your neck and soothing its muscles with innovative light therapy technology. We design these pillows with cozy foam padding and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that project red and infrared light. The light reaches your deepest muscle tissue to stimulate cells and provide fast pain relief.

A Neck Pain Relief Pillow for Travel

Our dpl® Neck Pillow is a neck pain relief device that can save your trip. We manufacture neck pain relief pillows with high-density foam that will give your neck great support and allow you to rest comfortably during travel.

Our pillows are different because we add LEDs that use specific pain-stopping wavelengths. Your pillow will shine red lights deep into your skin where it can affect your muscle fibers. The light stimulates cells while increasing circulation to help them heal faster. Healthier cells plus plenty of neck support means less pain and a more comfortable ride.


  • Comfortable high-density foam padding
  • FDA-cleared LED lights
  • USB charger
  • Six-month warranty
  • Temporary neck pain relief
  • Treatment in 15 to 20 minutes

Note: You will only see red LEDs light up when the device is turned on. The other LEDs are in the infrared light spectrum and cannot be seen with the human eye. Please know that if you see red lights while the device is turned on, the device is working (pattern of lights may vary).

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