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Greatlengths High Performance Mask

Greatlengths USA

6.7 oz / 200 ml
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The intensive treatment for very damaged, brittle and dried out hair. The KERAPROTECT-KOMPLEX (KERAPHLEX®) visibly improves the hair structure, repairs hair damage and protects the hair against new damage. PRODEW 500 provide for new shine and intensive brilliance.

Coloured hair will be protected from fading. The formula with JOJOBA oil acts deeply inside the hair and on the scalp, provides for an ideal moisture supply and prevents drying out.

The hair becomes incredibly soft and gets optimal care. The perfect deep regeneration for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Great Lengths Hair Mask, Extra Rich Very Dry Stressed Hair,Brittle and damaged hair ,Hair Extensions and Wigs. GSP-T, Pro-Keratin Hair Extensions 

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