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Acca Kappa Home Fragrances Discovery Set

Acca Kappa

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Amber & Sandalwood
The warm and seductive hint of amber, blended with a full-bodied sandalwood and a sweet-tempered vanilla, create an exciting fragrance graced with an oriental edge. Earthly essences turn the air brightly colorful, before all merging in a passionate, spicy embrace.

Eucalyptus & Oakmoss
The memory of a walk in the woods, evoked by the intense hints of oakmoss and the freshness of eucalyptus.
Through a melody composed of aromatic and woody essences, you will find an ideal atmosphere to feel regenerated, healthy and serene.

Blooming Tuberose & Vanilla
Passion, delicacy and sensuality. The floral bouquet of tuberose, lily of the valley and jasmine - blended with the warm charm of a subtle vanilla twist - evoke an exciting and unique fragrance.

White Fig & Cedarwood
A fragrance that blends the greenness of the fig leaf with the unmistakable sweetness of its fleshy fruit. A refreshing Mediterranean breeze surrounds the intense scent of cedarwood.

Hyacinth & Honeysuckle
A solitary walk through the twilight green and silent forest suddenly a hyacinth flower illuminated by a ray of sunshine. Notes of cedar wood and wild honey caress the spicy freshness of honeysuckle.

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