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Acca Kappa Men's Beard Brush, Wenge Wood, Boar Bristles

Acca Kappa

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Men's Beard Brush, Wenge Wood, Boar Bristles

: Ergonomic handle grip, pure bristles of the finest quality. Brush polishes and detangles the beard, keeping it healthy and strong. Use brush to evenly distribute softener and restructuring fluid on your beard.
*Ideal for all beard types.
*Gentle detangle of beard hair.
*Polish hair shaft for natural hair shine.
*100% Handmade with precious African wenge wood.
For best results, brush beard twice daily for three to five minutes in the early morning and before bedtime. Not recommended for use on wet hair.
Product Care:
Use the Acca Kappa cleaning brush to clean your dry hairbrush once a week. Wash only when necessary but no more than 3-4 times a year.
DO NOT apply aggressive chemical products and oils directly on the brush.

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